It started off by having an undeniable drive to create a business.  In sixth grade I sold candy to fund my trip to Paris, which continued to morph into the first time I got serious about the entrepreneurship leap and signed a lease for a shop in Old Colorado City.  That business didn't work out and I went back to the field of education working in higher-ed and then two school districts as a Tech Director and Principal.  In 2019 my father was diagnosed with stage four cancer, I had two little kiddos at home, was traveling all the time for work, and knew that my priorities needed to change. My Dad and I shared the dream of opening a business and he was able to see the bookstore open on November 23 just before he passed away that winter.

In every hard time of life there is a bright side and that, for me, was that I learned that I loved business, creating businesses, collaborating with other entrepreneurs and helping to lift others who just had the dream of owning their own business one day.

I'm Melissa Haffeman

A multi-passionate entrepreneur who didn't start out to own a bookstore and candle company.

Here's the story...

About the founder

There were about two months in mid-2020 where I thought I had made a massive mistake in taking the leap into owning my own business.  I explored selling the business, closing it, and finally came to terms that if I didn't lean in now...if I quit and went back to my old career I knew I would never have the courage to take that leap again.  So I leaned in.  Took every business course I could find, talked with business-owners who inspired me, and faced some pretty big fears I had about marketing.  I never would have guessed the success that would follow.  That at the end of 2021 I would work with a phenomenal team of people on five different businesses and we would be hitting and surpassing the goals we had set at the beginning of 2021.  The blog chronicles this journey and shares the stories of what we have learned, and are leaning in to learning next.

Opening a business three months before the Pandemic hit was nothing short of a make it or break it moment...

About the Businesses


Comic Relief


Amazing Helper

Mike Haffeman


Meet the Haffeman Family

We believe our businesses should help improve the quality of life on this island.

We love this island and the community of people who live here.  

We strive to be  warm, inviting, and encouraging to other entrepeneurs and dreamers.

We believe our businesses should be inspired by our community.

Our business meetings always include tea and mini-charcuterie boards.

We believe in the power of kindness and how that can reach across divides.

What Guides Us

Haffeman Family

• Married Mike

• Left Grant Administrator Job for Kodiak's School District

• Moved to Colorado Springs, COlorado


Q+Co didn't just happen overnight, it started with a burnt out designer and a dream for a time when things would be easy. Here's our journey...

The Timeline

Through the years