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Transform your relationship with your to-do list

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Hi, I'm Melissa Haffeman

For twenty years I've been fascinated by how to plan your day. What started out as a quest to make sure I met my goals at work turned into a life-long interest in the role planning and to-do lists play in our lives.

The last three years completely uprooted my life. I left my professional career and made the leap to open my indie

bookstore in Kodiak, Alaska. I've since added a candle business, screenprinting business, homeschooling my little girl, and this website and book all about time management.

For years I've searched for a way to lean into my big dreams without compromising the quality time for my family and my own self-care. I developed the Elevate Method along the way, and now I am sharing

these incredible successful planning strategies with you.

One day I realized that I could apply the professional planning strategies I'd used to successfully create and manage multi-million dollar projects. Over time I distilled it down to just 15 minutes of processing time each day = peacefulness & presence in my life.

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