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Our family lives on in a small community on the northern tip of Kodiak Island, Alaska.   Doing business on the island is tricky even before the pandemic shipping was slow, planes didn't land for days at a time, and sometimes the barge skips us and doesn't deliver groceries and the shelves in the grocery store go bare.

On this website I share our story, our family runs five businesses on this island that we love. 

I believe one powerful way to improve a small community is to grow entrepreneurs 

Haffeman Family Businesses

At 40 I found my thing. You know that idea that sits at the back of your mind, the one you think about at 3 am when you can't sleep...and my thing - that's starting and growing businesses.  I love it.  My worst day running a business (and that's saying something being a business owner during a pandemic with supply-chain issues) is better than any of the 17 years I spent in my previous career.  I simply love it.  And what I've found along the way is that there are many people, right here in my small town and across the nation who share the dream of owning their own business.  Sometimes it helps to hear stories of others who took the leap and found it to be the best thing they've ever done professionally.  That's why this site is here - to share our story and inspire you to craft your own.

Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

Meet the founder — Melissa Haffeman

Our cabin vacation rental is equipped with everything you need for a fantastic stay on the island we adore!

Vacation Rental

Alaska-inspired soy candle business.  My best friend from childhood, Laura, and I co-own this venture.

A small indie bookstore located on Kodiak, Alaska.  3,500 titles, special orders, and gifts from local artisans.

The Islander Bookshop

Building businesses
from bookstores to fly fishing lanyards...the fun is in the process

Hand-Poured Soy Candles

Every summer and fall we spend a lot of time on the river catching salmon.  I designed a fly-fishing lanyard to keep all my tools handy - which is so needed when fishing with kids.

Spoondrift Fly Fishing Lanyards

Our businesses need print media for a myriad of reasons. Sirimiri Studio has expanded from producing brand specific materials to greeting cards, washi tape, and more.

Delightfully Irreverent Print Media

Mike is a talented woodworker. Not only did he design and finish our two homes, he also creates furniture, toys for kids, and wands for the bookstore.

He is launching a website Feb. 15, 2022.

Mike Haffeman Woodworks

The kids and I make up stories as we hike through the sitka spruce forests behind our home.  This year, my goal is to finally write and self-publish a two children's picture books that have been told again and again on our hikes for years.

Children's Picture

In Development...Launching Feb. 2022

Businesses our family is running & Growing


States where we have started businesses


Years in ALaska